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Some guy who is in a friend’s yoga class sent me a friend request a few weeks ago. Earlier last week, he messaged me to say he was really interested in being my friend. OK, dude. So I opened the door, let him in, and today I figured out what his angle is.

I’m writing to invite you two to an event at my home thurs July 5 from 6 to 9 pm, an introduction to a life-transforming course called The Landmark Forum, which provides access to a new world of possibility and allows pathways for new possibilities to be real for us.

Not a chance in hell. I don’t want a thing to do with that; the people I’ve met who attended and enjoyed it have been some of the most intense, exhausting, boundary-disrespecting folks I’ve seen. You know the type…

"How are you doing?"
*intense eye contact, possibly hand on your arm or shoulder*
"No, really: how are you?”

 Not. A chance. In hell. Especially after you come on my FB and evangelize.

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